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Yonex AC102-5 Wet Super Grip (5 in 1)

This AC 102 Super Grap is the oldest in the Yonex series of grips – its 25th anniversary was in 2012. The fact of enduring so long in the changing market is a true testament to the quality of the AC 102. Its main feature is the tacky feel, which prevents slipping from all types of moisture– rain, sweat, or humidity. Extra ventilation and material additives ensure it maintains its tacky quality in any condition. 


Width: 25mm

Length: 1,200mm

Thickness: 0.6mm

Material: Polyurethane


<Made In Japan>

Yonex AC102-5 Wet Super Grap (JP)

SKU: AC102-5
HK$110.00 Regular Price
HK$99.00Sale Price
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